Tiffany Twisted are a London-based rock band led by Hetti Harper’s powerful vocals and Adam Davies’ shredding guitar. Channelling the nostalgic sounds of the rock music they grew up with, they birthed their debut EP live at Abbey Road Studios’ ‘Studio 3’ at the beginning of 2020. Having recorded their debut body of work in Dolby’s new 3D sound technology, the band released the full EP as a Dolby Atmos mix in 2021. They are now embarking on finalising their debut album, combining their love of heavy rock, classical and hip-hop with lyrical themes that cover the dark, philosophical and spiritual.


Their new single ‘Not Afraid To Die’ (N.A.T.D) is a track they’ve been waiting to release for a while, as it is the first time the band has combined electronic trap elements with live drums. By doing this, they were able to take a fresh approach towards the vocals and riffs, allowing them to tap into all the different genres (rock or otherwise) that have inspired them up to this point. ’N.A.T.D’ had its radio debut on The New Rock Show on Planet Rock on March 28th 2022.

– Sunday Sport

Tiffany Twisted fuse No Doubt's funk rock with intense groove metal on their latest single 'Not Afraid to Die'. It's an infectious tune. Hetti Harper's powerful blend of pop diva and rap vocals are a highlight on this killer track. Proof that the UK's rock scene is world-beating.

“Moody, melodic alt-rock that takes in heartland, pop and a hint of contemporary Nashville, before moving into the kind of chorus that would sit comfortably at Glastonbury and an indie-rock night”

– Classic Rock Magazine
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