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New Releases

New Single 'Blind Faith' out November 5 2021

Music Interviews

Tiffany Twisted talk to Avid about their first year as a band and the writing process behind their debut EP


Upcoming Gigs

2021 gig dates announced

Click here to buy tickets

Music Reviews

Review of 'Sold My Soul' for RGM Magazine 


Upcoming Releases

Dolby Atmos Release

Listen to 'This Is The End' in Dolby Atmos,

released March 27th 2021


Vampr Publishing

Tiffany Twisted are now on the artist roster of Vampr Publishing.

For all licensing and sync enquiries, please contact Josh Smith:

Music Interviews

Chatting with Richard Lipman about our first year as a band, from Abbey Road to spirituality

Debut Single Review 

Review of debut single 'Sold My Soul' by A&R Factory 

Classic Rock Review

Classic Rock Magazine's Tracks of the Week
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